My Summer Bump

In 2010, Laura wrote her first book, My Summer Bump, a memoir about her ‘single’ pregnancy. The book was launched in Waterstones book store and received fantastic press coverage. Following the launch Laura was offered a weekly newspaper and magazine column detailing her life as a single mum. The column ran in both publications for 18 months.

When I discovered I was pregnant I quickly found myself single, homeless and jobless.

This book is my diary. An honest and personal account of everything I went through from the moment I discovered I was pregnant, to being dumped and having to move half way across the country.

It shows what it’s like to go through a pregnancy alone. The pain that you suddenly feel when something pregnancy-related speaks of the fairytale couple, that your not part of, is like a different kind of pain to any other. You feel as though you did something wrong.

To go to the appointments, scans, antenatal classes, buy and make equipment, set up a new home and life for just you and your baby; to have to think of names, birthing partners, and make all the decisions yourself, to have no one to go out at 1am to get you ice cream, because that is what you happen to be craving.

You will see an intimate look at the relationship with the father, how he reacted, why he reacted, and how that one person’s actions can manipulate power over you and turn you into a different person.

This book will want to make you scream, laugh, and cry at the page.

In a diary account, will the father come back? Or more importantly, as I grow and come to terms with being a single mother, will I let him?

If you are going through a pregnancy alone, if you are pregnant but in a relationship, if you are not pregnant but want to follow a story of a girl who finds herself pregnant, dumped, then homeless, to have to then pick herself up and start again; you will want to read this book. It has something for everyone.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Rated five stars on Amazon

What are people saying?

“This is a personal, unpolished account which I read cover to cover in one sitting on a flight. It’s refreshingly down to earth – could easily have been me, or my sister, or any of my friends. It’s like seeing their Facebook updates.
I want to hear what happens next!”

Lo (Amazon)

“This book is a must have read for anyone going through pregnancy/bring up a child on their own.. it carries such emotion through every chapter that at the end I didn’t want it to stop! I felt I needed to know what happens to Laura and Summers life next.. which I why I was so happy when she went on to release ‘my Asian summer’ this year! Through the highs and lows Laura still manages to keep it as comical as she can whilst taking you through the realistic realities that anyone could face.. and coming through the other side! Well done Laura xx”

TheMrs (Amazon)