My Asian Summer

Backpacking Asia with a five-year-old

Our Adventure

Laura always had a yearning for travel and adventure, to discover new cultures, foods and people. Becoming a single mum didn’t stop her. After years of scrimping and saving, Laura and her five-year-old daughter Summer set off around Asia for an experience neither of them will ever forget. They worked with mistreated elephants and bears, in orphanages, trekked through jungles, lived with locals and found themselves lost in terrifying slums. Laura later turned their adventure into her second book, My Asian Summer. 

The book was launched in September 2019. Since its launch it has had much success with local and national media coverage.

Media coverage includes

  • Fabulous magazine and online article
  • BBS Sussex radio interview
  • Spirit FM radio interview and online article
  • Front page mention and three-page spread in The News
  • Portsmouth News online article
  • Half-page feature in the Chichester Observer
  • The Sun online article
  • Two online articles for Chichester Observer – interview and launch
  • Chichester Post
  • Chichester Post online

“What an adventure. A fascinating journey and read. Inspiration to the brave and bold that travelling with a child can be empowering and enlightening!”

Alice B Grist, author of Dirty & Divine

Laura is a member of the Chindi Network of Independent Authors and regularly gives talks at book stores and events

What are people saying about My Asian Summer?

“My Asian Summer is a quirky, first-person narrative that takes you right into the bustle of Asia, allowing the reader to experience a deeper understanding of certain topics, characters and destinations featured. The detail of each chapter is projected in a way that is cleverly woven through a story of personal narrative. The author recounts her often humorous encounters in a way that is light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek. Enjoyable, insightful and comical – you won’t want to put it down.”
Elise Brewerton, The Portsmouth News

“Such an inspirational story and what a once in a lifetime adventure for a child to have!”
Claire Wilson, Assistant Editor (Features) at Fabulous Magazine

“An interesting, captivating and inspiring story that proves that life is an adventure. A true and honest account of their travels. I can’t wait to hear what they do next!”
Laura Molyneaux, Founder of Seaside Features

 “A travelogue like no other…Laura manages to immerse her readers in a story of infinite adventure. A compelling page-turner, you will be swept across numerous Asian countries laughing at the pit of your soul and collecting a body of historical knowledge. You will be encapsulated in a tale of heart-warming love; be exposed to unapologetic honesty and an array of raw-emotion. Consequently, at the end of the book, you will be questioning human nature and what it means to have a rich life.”
Siân Smith, Editor

What are the readers saying?

Bill Bryson meets Bridget Jones

If anyone wants to read a compelling story about travelling your way around Asia with a 5-year old, let this be your guide… the humour interwoven throughout is light and sparking, with just the type of wit you would find in a Bridget Jones story. I found it absorbing throughout from the travel arrangements to the description of the food! The fact it is based on true life makes it even more amazing and little Summer captured my heart. A must read for adventurous parents and globe trotters alike.

Engaging, inspiring journey! 

Incredible, emotional and inspiring read.
Laura’s comical nature is so engaging, taking you with her and summer on an amazing journey around Asia.
Laura’s writing captures the sights, sounds and smells of Asia so well you can’t help but feel transported there yourself
Such a brave an inspiring journey to make, let alone with a 5 year old
Not just a book for those interested in travel, this will appeal to all the strong independent women out there.

It takes courage to travel with our children ….but they learn so much about the world. 

A descriptive book about a mother and daughters’s adventures travelling in Asia. It gives others the courage to take their children travelling at a young age, to broaden their horizons and delight in the the differences and similarities our lives have in different cultures. Laura and Summer Pauley share their adventures with us and make us feel we could do it too if we stepped out of our comfort zones and dared to travel ……thanks Laura making us realise we can… we could…

A great read

A definite 5 stars. An entraining book for those interested in travel and adventures without leaving the comfort of a sofa. The book takes you on a journey through some of the seedier sides of travel and combining it with some wonderful places that can take your breath away and make you realise how much fun travelling can be. I can still read and picture the airport toilets. (Read it yourself). What an amazing adventure for Mum and Daughter. 

A 2019 must buy!

Perfect book even if you are a stay-at-home sort of person. So well written that it takes you out of your arm chair and along a journey of discovery. I literally felt like I was at the elephant sanctuary feeding the elephants myself and I could feel the claustrophobia of the Chu Chi tunnels in Vietnam. An inspiring read… 

An entertaining read

Loved this book, very entertaining and I learned a lot, Carl is both funny and annoying. 

Experience the book yourself, it’s amazing! 

What an amazing book! I’m only on chapter 6 and it’s absolutely incredible so far!
It teaches you about so much, from Asian politics to travel advice and the odd comical story. Highly recommend this book to anyone! 

Totally amazing book, you must read! 

Currently reading this book and the way it’s been written and how the story is being told I actually feel I’m there too. It’s kept comical whilst also teaching you a lot. Every part of detail on each page is just phenomenal. Carl is even annoying me!! 😉 

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