Letters to Laura

After the launch of Laura’s first book, My Summer Bump, she received lots of letters. Below are just some of them:

What People Say

Hi Laura. I first read your book when I was pregnant and it was the ‘Bible’ that got me through it alone. I just wanted you to know that I recommend your book to anyone I find in the same painful situation. A friend of mine has just found herself in the same situation and I am meeting her tomorrow and will lend her my copy. I hope it helps her as much as it has helped me and the others who have also read it 🙂 I just re-read bits of it. My son is now 2 years old so pregnancy was a while back now but reading bits back made me shudder as memories flooded back. What is it with these men running off and making us cope alone with something so extremely difficult!! We are doing well now. I am still single, but like you, I found myself to be pretty positive after my son was born and took advantage of the situation – we do a lot of things that a couple may not be able to do so easily, such as travelling. Before he was 2, my son had been on 20 flights worldwide as well as plenty of roadtrips. I am so grateful that we have managed to have such awesome experiences already. Thanks again for sharing your experiences with us and I hope you and Summer are both doing really well now 🙂


Hi Laura, My friend gave me this book to help me through my pregnancy. I was with my boyfriend for 5yrs and he too decided to leave when i was 3 months pregnanct. He has since started a relationship with a friend of mine and they also have a baby on the way, mine is due in dec and hers in march. It was so nice to know someone had been through similar to me and had felt the same things i have been feeling. I am at the last stage of my pregnancy and i know i wouldn’t have made it this far without the help of your book. My pregnancy won’t end like yours, i wont get the guy back but i know i will be ok on my own. Thank you.


Hi Laura, I love checking your website evry so often to look at your different articles. I love the columns, they are very witty. Also I think some of your freelance stuff is really interesting too and shows another side to your writing. Well done and keep them coming!

Julie Elmsford

Your book was fantastic, im going through a bad time at the moment, me and ex partner were not living together but as soon as he found out i was pregnant, he finished with me- im completely broken, it hurts bad and well reading ur book helped me to know that some1 else out there had to experience this. It’s so painful and I look up to you, how u have been able to deal with this? I’m still not coping well – Just wish i was stronger x


Hi Laura, I just wanted to thank you personally for helping me through my pregnancy. God knows how you found the strength to cope, but you have shared some of that strength with me as I am now 30 weeks pregnant, single, staying at mum’s, no job to go back to and chasing the father…sound familiar??? Interestingly (and probably from the massive support and comfort from your book), I have somehow been fighting my way through the madness and paving the way alone- and just 2 weeks ago, the father seemed to somehow get a grip and now looks like he is wanting to be part of it all. Why do they do this to us??? I’ve had ‘morning’ sickness thoughout, suspected ectopic pregnancy and I’ve had bladder dysfunction for 9 years, so that also has worsened, then on top of that the father left me, my landlord wanted my house back and so I had to get a place on my own. My job is being affected by the Government cuts and then to top it all off, the sub-zero temperatures have meant that I have no heating and water at my new house, so I am staying with my mum!! I’ve had to get all the baby stuff myself and the father did nothing. I spent months begging for him back and he was just so nasty to me and totally not understanding. It turns out that he too, was/is scared. Thank God, I’ve had such amazing support from friends, family and your book. I can’t thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was so nice to know that I wasn’t alone, even when I felt so alone.


Hi Laura i have just seen your feature in mother and baby mag and have ordered your book from amazon. I think your story sounds amazing – can’t wait to read the book! well done xx


Hi there Laura. I work with your aunty Tina and she gave me your book to read. I really enjoyed it and couldn’t stop reading it. Although my children are grown up now, some of what was written brought back lots of memories for me. lots of love to you and Summer.


Well done laura! The book is fab, I started to read it last night and couldn’t put it down! Nan stayed up till 2 o’clock in the morning reading it!!!! I listened to the interview on wave and you did great! Such a great achievement.

Demi Lambe

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